Long Wind and Waves Will Sometimes, Straight Sail to the Sea

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In order to build an effective communication channel between new recruits and the company’s senior executives, and effectively help new recruits solve practical problems in work and life, Hangzhou Allsheng Instrument Co., Ltd. held an annual new hires symposium in the first meeting room on the fifth floor of the company on the afternoon of May 25, 2021. Company General Manager Luo Zhicheng, Deputy General Manager Fan Weidong, Deputy General Manager Sun Zongzong, Company Advisor Wang Jianbo, and Deputy Director Yang Yong of the Personnel Administration Center attended the meeting. New recruits Wang Yang, Liang Wei, Wang Feilong, Zhang Sijiong, Guo Wenjun, Chen Ying, Zhang Penghao, Wang Guangzhen, Yu Xuhao, Tao Jiagui, Chen Juling, Hu Chaoyi, Teng Fei, Li Kangjun, Zhang Xuesong, Wang Kaixuan, Ma Xiaojun, Wang Weijun, and outstanding old employee representative Hou Maowei attended the meeting.

The general manager of the company, Mr. Luo Zhicheng, made an important speech on behalf of the company's leadership team. First of all, Mr. Luo sincerely thanked the new employees for joining the Hangzhou Allsheng family, and introduced in detail the development history of Hangzhou Allsheng and the 16 years of hard work and achievements of the Hangzhou Allsheng team. The future is an excellent period for the development of the life and health science industry, and the international economic environment is full of uncertainties. Mr. Luo asks new employees to: First, work hard, be pragmatic, and don't fool around; Second, they must continue to learn and not be left behind. It is necessary to use fragmented time to complete the update of system knowledge; third, do a good job of life and career planning, and implement target management.

Fan Weidong, the deputy general manager of the company, takes his own career in research and development as an example to guide new recruits to make a good career plan, and cultivate the ability to find and solve problems in actual work. Hope that Hangzhou Allsheng can grow up with all new and old employees.

The company’s deputy general manager Sun Zongzong explained how to start from choosing an industry to choosing a company from the perspective of marketing and the history of the company’s development, together with personal efforts to achieve a professional life. From the perspective of the 14th Five-Year Plan of China, China has begun to change. The Internet of Everything is the trend, and the aging of the population is the direction for great health. Invest in the future. Biomedicine is a sunrise industry. ‘’I have full confidence in Hangzhou Allsheng. I hope everyone can work with peace of mind. Hangzhou Allsheng is full of opportunities.‘’

After all new recruits finished their self-introductions, Zhang Sijiong and Wang Yang, representatives of the new recruits, gave a post-employment impression introduction, and the representative of the old staff, Hou Maowei, shared their experience.

New employees are the fresh blood of the company, and old employees are the backbone of the company. In a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, the new employees participating in the meeting communicated with the company leaders about their confusion and thoughts since joining the company. Yang Yong, deputy director of the Personnel Administration Center, introduces the company's reasonable suggestion channels to new recruits. It is recommended that colleagues have suggestions and ideas to contact the Personnel Administration Center at any time, and the Personnel Administration Center will conduct management in accordance with the rationalization suggestion and standardization process.

Finally, the general manager Luo asked the personnel administration center to continue to promote the training and cultivation of new employees. The company must work together to find definite development opportunities in the uncertain market, hoping that all new and old employees can gain a foothold positions, steadfast work, continuous innovation, while achieving Hangzhou Allsheng, but also self-achievement.

Happy family, happy dinner

We hope that the newly hired employees can integrate into the Hangzhou Allsheng family as soon as possible and shine in their positions. There are big rivers with water and small rivers are full. Our employees will surely gain a lot in setting sail and braving the wind and waves in Hangzhou Allsheng!

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