Hangzhou Allsheng Spring Travel in 2021

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You must have heard of Baicao Garden before. On April 24th, we came to Anji, a 4A-level tourist scenic spot in Huzhou City, to enjoy the spring of April and started a two-day and one-night team building outing.

“Pursue excellence and cast an efficient team”; “Realistic, pragmatic, harmonious and innovative, open up the market and create the future together”. In the poetic and picturesque scenery, we took the long-cherished wish of Allsheng's team to start the 2021 team building activities. Enjoy leisure time after work and save energy for active struggle.

Unity is strength -- ice breaking activities

After arriving at the base for a short break, we carried out a series of ice-breaking activities to achieve teamwork and cultivate mutual understanding and trust among colleagues.     

Everyone was enthusiastic and motivated during the activity. We all felt the cohesion of the team's joint efforts and progress, and the spirit of challenge and breakthrough that everyone did not give up.

Pursue excellence and create an efficient team. We look forward to a broader future for Allsheng.

The weather is sunny, suitable for outdoor 

Allsheng group parent-child activities 

Next to our "shaking ball game" link. Children put down the heavy textbooks, stretch his body, and blend with the bright spring of nature. Parents and children play games together to build a bridge of parent-child relationship.

Natural Museum Station

In the early morning of April 25th, we organized a visit to the Natural Museum. Eight independent buildings constitute 10 museums, including a geological museum, an ecological museum, a Bellin museum, a dinosaur museum, a natural art museum, an Ocean museum, a 4D cinema and a temporary museum. They are divided into 6 themes such as "the call of green water and green mountains, the feelings of the earth, the endless deep blue, the dialogue in the distance, the brilliance in the depths of the earth, and the return to the age of dinosaurs".     

Or standing or roaring dinosaurs, meteorites of various shapes, exquisite specimens of animals and plants. When we left the venue, we seemed to have ended a fantasy journey.

Amusement park

The following was the most exciting amusement park link. Were the pendulums and roller coaster facilities frightening? Our companions were eager to try. When the game started, some people were scared, some people were calm and relaxed, and others were laughing. I think they must have had a great time.

At noon on the 25th, our team building activities came to an end. We come back with joy. Everyone said that they would take the successful holding of this team building event as an opportunity, with high morale and spirit, and will definitely contribute to the company with a more enthusiastic working attitude in the future work!

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